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  • What to pack

    For cool season (Nov to Mar):

    1. Modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees
    2. A sweater or jacket
    3. Comfortable shoes
    4. Sun protection — a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
    5. Stomach pills
    6. Extra change for tipping, which is not mandatory, but commonly practised in the UAE.

    For hot season (Apr-Oct):

    For hot season (Apr – Oct):

    1. Light, airy and modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees
    2. Comfortable shoes or sandals
    3. Sun protection — a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
    4. A sweater or light jacket for layering at night
    5. Stomach pills
    6. Extra change for tipping
  • Our Hotels

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

    The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the world's most magnificent mosques with Islamic calligraphy carved on its arches, semi-precious stones on its columns and intricate floral designs on its marble floors. While you admire the world's largest crystal chandelier, your little ones will be mesmerized by the fascinating light effects, inspired by the phases of the moon, that transform the mosque's exterior into something of a fairytale post sunset. The complimentary guided tours are an excellent way for your little culture vultures to learn more about the local religion and heritage.

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  • Al Ain Camel Market

    There's no better place than the Al Ain Camel Market to teach your little explorers about the UAE's love for the camel from the days when desert tribes depended on them for transportation, milk and meat. Little travellers will enjoy looking at newborns, young studs and long-legged race-bred camels in the market. The friendly local herders will proudly invite your kids to take a closer look, photograph and perhaps even pet their most prized animals. Potential buyers drive around in their SUVs sizing up the camels and haggling intensely during peak times. (Note: While the market is free to enter, bring 10 Dirham bills (or about $3) for tips.)

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  • Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

    Little travellers of all ages will enjoy learning about the majestic falcon — the national bird of the UAE and a symbol of courage — at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. The Falcon World Tour covers the history of falconry and provides close-up views of falcon "spa treatments" — including pedicures and feather repairs. Your kids can watch in awe as falcons take flight in the aviary. They can also get a photo with a falcon perched on their arm, that is sure to be their favorite souvenir.

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  • Umm Al Emarat Park

    The lively Umm Al Emarat Park features a wealth of activities, including outdoor markets, movie screenings, fitness classes and arts and culture events. Your little explorers can run free in the interactive play area of the children's garden and make friends with goats, ponies, donkeys, cows and camels in the animal barn. In the botanic garden, they can learn about more than 200 species of plants and relax by the ponds and rivers. The great lawn offers plenty of space to fly kites and enjoy a game of football to complete an active family day in the outdoors.

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  • Emirates Park Zoo

    To make friends from the animal kingdom, visit the Emirates Park Zoo for a fun family day out. Home to over 1,400 animals such as giraffes, crocodiles and white tigers, the zoo offers educational opportunities and active adventures for little explorers throughout its various zones including the Birds Park, Reptile House, Camel Farm and others. In the Wildlife Park, little travellers will get to admire the majestic Arabian Oryx, slender gazelles and cautious leopards, and also feed elephants. Your young ones will enjoy their time in the Petting Zoo, getting up close with domesticated camels, sheep, goats and ostriches.

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  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

    Adrenaline thrills and fun activities abound for the whole family at the F1-themed Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster, accelerates up to 250 km/h in 4.9 seconds, while the Flying Aces, the world's highest rollercoaster loop, takes you to speeds of 120km/h scaling 63 meters. Your littlest adventurers can experience their first driver's education on a miniature 430 GT Spider, while older children can hone their racing skills on a scaled-down Ferrari F1 racer. Adults can enjoy their own thrill ride, by driving a Ferrari California around Yas Island after expert instruction from a trained pilot.

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  • Sir Bani Yas Island

    Bring your little explorers to the country's only wildlife safari on Sir Bani Yas Island. On the Nature and Wildlife Drive, they will gaze in wonder at the Arabian oryx (believed to be the origin of the mythical unicorn), South African giraffe, Axis deer and Barbary sheep. Tiny tots will love the flamingo lagoon, while older children will enjoy learning about conservation programs to save species endangered or extinct in the wild, such as the Asiatic cheetah. You can also go mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding and snorkeling in the pristine waters with your children.

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  • Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey

    The Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey is a history lesson your little travellers will love and is set onboard a jalboot, a traditional pearl diving boat. On this 90-minute tour through the lush Eastern mangroves of the emirate, they'll listen to the stories and songs of seafarers and watch a pearl-diving demonstration. While you enjoy gahwa or Arabic coffee and dates, they will learn how to find a pearl inside an oyster shell, extract it and treasure it as a souvenir.

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  • Kayaking in the Mangroves

    The verdant mangrove forests of Abu Dhabi can be explored via a two-hour kayaking tour with Noukhada Adventure Company. Learn about the unique ecosystem of the mangroves and the rich aquatic life that thrives here. The tours work for all levels and ages, making for an excellent activity for the entire family. If your kids are little big adventurers, you can opt for an overnight experience where you paddle out to a deserted island to prepare a barbecue dinner and camp overnight.

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  • Yas Waterworld

    For a thrilling family adventure, head to Yas Waterworld, a water park with over 40 rides and attractions for all ages. Join your little explorers on Falcon's Falaj, the world's largest group tornado water roller coaster. On Bandit Bomber, a suspended 550-meter roller coaster with special water and laser effects, you'll find yourself squealing in excitement like your little ones. Tiny tots will enjoy the slides and water cannons in the Marah Fortress.

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  • Meylas

    Specializing in traditional dishes prepared with recipes handed down through generations, Meylas offers a one-stop lesson on Emirati cuisine — a mix of flavors from the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Little travellers will love the Emirati breakfast favorite balaleet or saffron-infused sweet vermicelli noodles topped with an omelet, while adults will relish salonat badu, a hearty stew of vegetables and meat.

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  • Zahrat Lebnan Restaurant & Cafeteria

    One of Abu Dhabi's oldest Lebanese restaurants, Zahrat Lebnan Restaurant and Cafeteria first opened its doors in 1983 and now has six locations. At its flagship spot in Al Zahiya, look for the queue of locals picking up chicken and lamb shawarmas (sandwiches of meat wrapped in Arabic bread) prepared on a rotating spit—an easy and affordable meal for parents and your hungry little explorers. Other specialties include crispy falafels, perfectly creamy hummus and a mixed grill of juicy lamb and chicken kebabs, all of which can be washed down with a cool lemon-mint juice.

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  • Vasa Vasa

    Everyone will savor the dreamy swirls of fresh gelato served up by the Sicilian gelateria Vasa Vasa on Abu Dhabi's Al Raha Beach. With its original store in Milan, the gelateria prides itself on the use of the freshest ingredients (with no preservatives) and family recipes. Besides gelato, Vasa Vasa serves Italian desserts, such as tiramisu, and a range of coffee drinks. Enjoy your gelato treat with your little travellers on the outdoor terrace overlooking the beach.

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  • Al Fanar Restaurant & Café

    The Al Fanar Restaurant and Café — with its traditional lamps hanging from the ceiling over wooden tables in a leafy courtyard, historic photos adorning mud-plastered walls and a life-sized model of a camel led by a herder — is like a trip back in time. Authentic fare is on offer through such dishes as robyan mashwi or grilled jumbo shrimps and machboos laham or meat cooked with rice. Little eaters will love the sweet treat of leqaimat or deep-fried dough balls in date syrup.

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  • Art House Café

    This family-friendly café offers a tranquil escape in the heart of the city and is popular for breakfast and light meals. It's the perfect spot to bring your little travellers for a relaxed afternoon of painting, coloring or reading. They will find their creativity unleashed by the colorful space and quirky details such as painted canisters turned into stools and glass bottles turned into lamps. For something familiar yet exotic, try the beetroot and goat cheese croquettes and the Asian-style Norwegian salmon.

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  • Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

    Just 15 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi offers modern facilities at an excellent value, in a convenient location. Sightseeing begins 5 minutes from the hotel, starting with the famed Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Mushrif Mall, and Zayed Sports City. For families seeking out a little adrenaline, the Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld theme parks are just a short 20 minutes away.

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  • Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi Downtown

    Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi Downtown is the ideal place for a city break with the family, located close to major commercial areas, tourist attractions and shopping malls. Visit the Qasr Al Hosn Fort, the oldest building in the city just 2 km from the hotel, for a peek into Abu Dhabi’s rich cultural history. Wrap up a day of exploring with the family at La Piazza, the hotel’s on-site restaurant where kids under 12 can eat from the Kids Menu for free, with the Kids Stay & Eat Free programme*. <br /> <br /> <br /> *T&Cs apply.

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