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Activity Corner

Spark conversations with your Little Big Travellers

It’s time to ditch the screens and get down to some serious talking!

Did you know that regular family conversations can spark a child’s curiosity, develop their logical reasoning skills and boost intellectual development. It also provides children with the perfect opportunity to hone their social and communication skills.

That’s why we have introduced our Chatterbox Conversation Cards. A fun, family-friendly activity for getting the conversations going.

Made especially for families and young travellers aged 3 to 12, this activity helps stimulate reasoning, logic and problem-solving abilities in your child through meaningful conversations. They’re also a great way to bond over meals or to simply pass the time on a rainy day! 

Whether it happens over Saturday morning breakfasts or during your next holiday, download our Chatterbox cards now and get the conversation started.

Chatterbox Cards Instructions