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The kids call the shots on this Dubai holiday!

When Layan (aged 5) and Fred (aged 8) take the reins on the Shirah family’s holiday itinerary in Dubai, there’s nothing but surprises in store.


The family checked into Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City, where the kids received their very own “Passport to Fun” activity books, among other perks kids enjoy as V.I.Ps at 1,200 Holiday Inn hotels and resorts around the world. After settling down in their very own room, the kids used Chatterbox Cards to share their dream holiday activities!


dream holiday activities


Little did they know, their parents Maher and Roaa were actually listening in secretly. With the help of the hotel staff at Holiday Inn, they planned a surprise itinerary where Layan and Fred could see all their wildest dreams come true!


And before heading off on their first adventure, the family shared a meal at the hotel restaurant Sirocco, where the kids could eat from the Kids Menu for free with the Kids Stay & Eat Free* programme.


First stop: Flying Cup! Layan’s dream of flying among the clouds came true 40 metres above the ground, with fantastic 360 panoramic views over lunch.

Flying Cup Dubai


The kids get hands-on at Oli Oli® Children’s Museum, where they explored water games and playgrounds, and got to build their own custom toys!

Oli Oli® Children’s Museum


 At the Winner’s Equestrian Club, the whole family got the chance to experience horse-riding, and even learnt how to groom and feed the horses.

Winner’s Equestrian Club Dubai

The kids try their hand at fishing from a beautiful yacht in the marina.

fishing yacht marina dubai

And the parents had a great time too! “When we travel, we just do the normal things we used to do. But this time we said, let them do whatever they want…and it was fun,” said Maher.

Family travel fun

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