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  • What to pack

    For cool season (Nov to Mar):

    1. Modest, full length clothing that covers your arms and legs
    2. Headscarf for women, when visiting cultural sites
    3. Comfortable covered shoes
    4. A sweater or jacket for layering at night

    For hot season (Apr to Oct):

    1.    Modest, full length clothing that covers your arms and legs
    2.    Headscarf for women, when visiting cultural sites
    3.    Comfortable covered shoes 
    4.    Sun protection — a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

  • Our Hotels

  • Muttrah Corniche Pedestrian Promenade

    Enjoy a relaxing sunrise or sunset stroll with your family down the Muttrah Corniche Pedestrian Promenade, which stretches for about three kilometres along the picturesque harbour of Muttrah. Backed with the majestic views of the Hajar mountains along with vibrant mosques and buildings dotting the seafront, this promenade is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Ravishing fountains, lush gardens and spacious parks are also located around the area for your little wanderers to run wild and explore freely.

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  • Muttrah Fish Market

    Conveniently located along the spectacular Muttrah corniche and waterfront, the Muttrah Fish Market — a place that bridges the old and new charms of Oman city — is a cultural attraction not to be missed. With more than a hundred fishmongers, fish cutters and vegetable and fruit sellers at this dynamic marketplace, your little ones will be immersed in a stimulating and informational adventure, where they can come up close and personal with the locals and learn more about Oman's flourishing fishing trade.

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  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

    As the name suggests, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is one of the most magnificent and grandiose mosques in the world. With breathtakingly intricate designs and furnishing — including the world's largest Swarovski crystal chandelier and the second largest handmade carpet in the world — this must-see attraction is sure to dazzle you and your little ones. (Note: Visitors must dress conservatively, covering arms, shoulders, legs and hair for women and girls aged seven and above.)

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  • Wadi Shab

    If turquoise pools, waterfalls, caves and gorges sound like your kind of paradise, be sure to embark on a fun-filled adventure with your family to Wadi Shab, located less than a two-hour drive from Muscat city. Take a scenic trek to the Wadi Shab across shallow streams, or opt for a round-trip ferry at the entrance for a more relaxing alternative. Cool waters, stupendous cliffs and beautiful gorges await you, and you may enjoy a refreshing swim, or set up a sumptuous picnic to enjoy once you are there.

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  • Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

    Expose your kids to the beauty of wildlife by bringing them to Raz Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, a popular place to view turtles in their natural habitat. In an intimate setting that is not intrusive to the turtles, your kids will be able to observe the endangered Green Turtles waddle out of the sea to lay eggs, or watch new hatchlings scurry to the sea at night. With an interactive museum at the reserve, your little ones will be able to learn more about these ancient turtles, and also find out more on sustainable eco-tourism practices.

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  • Qurum Natural Park

    Grab your picnic baskets, mats and hats and head down to Qurum Natural Park — an alluring, scenic park located right in the heart of Muscat with 400 acres of space to gallivant and explore. Take a peaceful stroll along the vast boating lake, stop to smell the roses at the enchanting rose gardens, soak in the sights of the various crystalline fountains and artificial waterfalls, and let your kids run and play in the numerous playgrounds scattered around the park.

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  • Al Rowdha Marina

    For an exciting daytime activity, head to the Bandar Al Rowdha Marina to catch a glimpse of the fascinating underwater world of Muscat. You and your little ones will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous activities at the harbour such as fishing boat trips, dolphin-watching cruises, snorkeling and diving expeditions, and even a thrilling underwater tour in a submersible vessel where you will be able to view the vibrant marine life of the sea right before your very eyes.

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  • Muttrah Souq

    Take your kids on a learning journey to the captivating Muttrah Souq, a historic public bazaar selling a wide range of exotic trinkets, handicrafts, apparel, fabrics, sweets and spices. An expansive market with numerous scent-laden passsageways and quaint little stalls, there is something for everyone at this huge labyrinth of treasures. If your kids are up for a challenge, give them a small shopping budget and let them try their hands at bargaining and interacting with the Omanis.

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  • Marah Land

    A local favourite, Marah Land is a small amusement park that is perfect for the kids. With about thirty rides in the park with the likes of carousels, family coasters, ferris wheels, and water flumes, your kids will be thoroughly entertained throughout the day. Food courts and restaurants are also available in the park, perfect for families to grab a quick lunch or snack throughout the day.

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  • Bimmah Sinkhole

    Along the beautiful coast of Oman, you will find one of the most phenomenal natural attractions in the country — the Bimmah sinkhole. Boasting emerald-hued waters and dramatic rock formations that you only see on postcards, your kids can marvel at this spectacular sight and learn about the geographical history behind the formation of this extraordinary crater. Should the little ones not feel like going in the sinkhole for a swim, there is also a children’s play area and a park located close by for them to enjoy.

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  • Kargeen Café

    End off your day with a sumptuous dinner at an exotic multi-cuisine restaurant, tucked amongst lush greenery and a fairytale-esque garden decorated with warm fairy lights. There will be no lack of food options at Kargeen Café as they offer an extensive range of international and traditional dishes ranging from pasta, pizza, soups, salads and Arabic food, just to name a few. The young ones can also look forward to a scrumptious kids menu offering sandwiches, burgers and finger food.

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  • Volare Pizzeria

    For an interesting and unique dining experience for you and your kids, visit Volare Pizzeria, a restaurant themed after a 20th Century New York Pizzeria. This restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine with a unique twist — everything in the restaurant, from the decor, music, uniforms, right down to the way a bill is handed to a customer, is inspired by New York in the 1920s. The restaurant also offers a delicious variety of dishes such as salads, soups, and their specialty pizzas and pastas.

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  • D'Arcy's Kitchen

    A popular breakfast joint, D'Arcy's Kitchen serves a plethora of Western dishes at affordable prices, and is especially well-known for their hearty all-day breakfast menu that features a full English breakfast, French toast, eggs Benedict and more. The relaxing and comfortable atmosphere at the café will put you and your kids right at home, and should you prefer to enjoy the beautiful weather outside, you may also choose to have your meal at a breezy outdoor seating area.

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  • The Jungle

    A multi-cuisine restaurant ideal for families, The Jungle is a themed restaurant that is sure to thrill the little ones with its intricate décor and interior that is made to resemble a tropical rainforest. Dig into the succulent grilled kebabs, steaks or the numerous other diverse cuisines available at this restaurant. There is also a Junior Explorer Menu made specially for the kids, as well as a healthy menu, should you feel like having something light on the stomach.

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  • Ice Cream Mama

    A home-grown Omani brand, Ice Cream Mama is your one-stop shop to satisfy all your sugar cravings. The ice cream parlour not only sells popular flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, oreo and marshmallow that your kids will love, but they also offer a vast range of traditional and unique flavours, allowing you to have a sample and taste of Oman's many local delicacies. Besides ice cream, you may also treat your kids to mouth-watering milkshakes, cakes, brownies and sweets at Ice Cream Mama.

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  • Bin Ateeq

    For an authentic gastronomic and cultural experience, visit this traditional eatery which offers popular Middle Eastern dishes such as camel meat biryani and Shuwa, the national dish of Oman. Enjoy your meal like the locals do by sitting on cushions and rugs in a private room, a long-established dining practice of the Omanis. You may even let your kids try eating with their hands, a potentially challenging but fun way of teaching them how to appreciate and respect different cultures from around the world.

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  • Holiday Inn Muscat Al Seeb

    Holiday Inn Muscat Al Seeb places you just three minutes from City Centre Muscat, with its countless international and local stores, restaurants and Magic Planet entertainment centre for kids. A more traditional shopping experience awaits at Muttrah Souk, where you can haggle for local goods and antiques before strolling along the beautiful Muttrah Corniche. Return after a long day for a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool, and a delicious meal in Omede Restaurant, which offers both authentic Omani dishes, and international cuisine.

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