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  • What to pack

    For cool seasons (Sep-Nov, Mar-May):

    1. A warm jacket and scarf
    2. Comfortable walking shoes
    3. Moisturiser and lip balm

    For warm season (Jun-Aug):

    1. Sun protection – hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
    2. Comfortable walking shoes

    For cold and rainy season (Dec-Feb):

    1. A warm winter jacket and scarf
    2. An umbrella or poncho
    3. Covered walking shoes or winter boots
    4. Moisturiser and lip balm
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  • Nara Park

    Nara Park was established in the 1300s and is one of the oldest parks in Japan. With over 1,200 wild sika deer that roam freely around the public park, kids will be delighted to get up close and personal with the deer by feeding them with "deer-crackers" that can be purchased from the vendors in the park.

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  • Orange Street

    Home to some of Osaka's most talented entrepreneurs and young designers, Orange Street is adorned with numerous quaint cafes, creative boutiques and fashionable stores. The 800-metre long street attracts a throng of millennial fashionistas on the weekends. Interestingly, the existence of traditional furniture shops amidst some of the trendiest boutiques is evidence of the street's history as a furniture store street.

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  • Shinsekai Jan Jan Alley

    Janjan Alley's name was derived from the "jan jan" strumming sound produced by waitresses playing the Japanese banjo to attract customers in the post World War II era. Today, not only is Janjan alley a dining and shopping street filled with Izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) and affordable Kushikatsu restaurants, it is also the meeting point of many go and shogi (Japanese chess) clubs.

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  • Dotonbori

    Dotonbori is a vibrant downtown area located along the Dotonbori canal known for its popular nightlife, restaurants and entertainment options. The area is characterised by many large illuminated signboards including the Glico Man, which features a runner running across a finishing line and is considered an icon of Osaka. Foodie families will take delight in the numerous food options available for them to eat their way through Dotonbori!

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  • Tsūtenkaku

    A well-known landmark of the Naniwa-ku district since the early 20th century, the Tsutenkaku tower is famous for its neon lights and for housing a museum for the famous confectionary maker, Glico, where kids can enjoy delicious snacks and sweet treats.

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  • Aqua Liner Boat Tour

    Go on a boat tour with Aqua Liner to view popular landmarks of Osaka such as the Osaka Castle from the Okawa River. Riders can choose to board the boat from any of its four piers along the Okawa River. Families can enjoy a memorable ride down the Okawa River from the comfort of the boat, especially during the spring season when cherry blossoms adorn the riverside.

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  • Namba Hills Arcades

    Step into the highly popular four-storey Namba Hills Arcade featuring numerous claw machines on the ground level - perfect for a few hours of family fun in the evening! Love taking photos? Check out the various Purikura (Japanese photo booths) in the arcade for you to capture memories of your family travels in Osaka.

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  • Pokemon Expo Gym

    Pokemon's universal popularity is due to its unique appeal to the mass public, with many having once fantasized of the day they become a pokemaster. Let your kids live their fantasy of being a Pokemon trainer for a day at the Pokemon Expo Gym, where they get to interact digitally with their favourite characters through a range of games and shows. Other than the attractions, there's also a Pokemon-themed café and a giant Pokemon store for visitors to stock up on Pokemon merchandise before they part ways with the real-life 'Pokemon Gym'.

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  • Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

    Situated in Ikeda, the birthplace of instant noodles, the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is an interactive educational museum dedicated to the discovery of instant noodles and its creator, Momofuku Ando. The museum features informative exhibits and hands-on workshops to educate and inspire visitors to turn ideas into reality. Get your kids' creative juices flowing through the assembling and designing of their own personalised Cup Noodles at 'My CUPNOODLES Factory', which can be brought home as a souvenir.

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  • Spa World

    A hot spring themepark spanning eight levels, Spa World is a great place to begin your initiation to the Japanese onsen bath. It boasts an amusement pool specially tailored for children, as well as themed baths, with inspiration drawn from around the world. After a relaxing time in the various baths, enjoy some family time at one of its restaurants while satisying your tummies.

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  • Kuromon Market

    Nicknamed "Osaka's Kitchen", Kuromon Market has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most popular food markets in Osaka even after 170 years. Be amazed by the meandering lineup of stalls that feature a wide selection of food ranging from persimmons to fatty tuna jaw and unagi (freshwater eel). Embark on a gastronomic adventure and try the popular dishes of fugu (blowfish), uni (sea urchin) and grilled scallops.

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  • Granknot Coffee

    Located near the chic Orange Street, Granknot Coffee is especially known for its flavourful drip coffee and the passion its owners have for coffee. As the owners aptly put it, "I put my heart into creating each cup of coffee, that's why my coffee is good and full of flavour".

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  • Aji-No-Daimaru

    Takoyaki may be a popular Japanese street food internationally, but few know of its Osaka origins. Head to Aji-No-Daimaru to try your hand at making your own takoyaki. Not only will your child get to choose the toppings for their takoyaki, they will also get to make their own takoyaki using a gas-powered takoyaki cooking plate under the supervision of adults.

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  • Endo Sushi

    With operations beginning over a century ago in 1907, the Endo Sushi today is a cozy restaurant situated in Osaka Central Fish Market. Famed for serving the best sushi in Osaka, the snaking queues that form outside Endo sushi by mid-day is testament to its popularity. It is recommended to order the jomaze (mixed plates), a selection of five pieces of nigiri sushi, for the best culinary experience at Endo sushi.

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  • Pablo

    No trip to Osaka is complete without having a taste of Pablo baked cheese tarts. Originating from Osaka, Pablo has captured the hearts of both locals and tourists. These delicious baked cheese tarts are worth waiting in line at the Pablo outlets, and make for a good mid-day treat for the hungry little ones.

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  • Holiday Inn Osaka Namba

    There’s no better way to discover Osaka than with Holiday Inn Osaka Namba, conveniently located in the heart of the city, and only steps away from the iconic Dotonbori Canal. Stay in the city’s food, shopping and entertainment hub, with great access to Osaka’s world-class subway system. Keep the whole family entertained throughout your stay at nearby attractions like Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan, Floating Garden, and Kaiyukan Aquarium.

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