• What to pack

    For cool season (Nov to Mar):

    1. Modest, full length clothing that covers your arms and legs
    2. Headscarf (preferably black) for women
    3. Comfortable covered shoes
    4. Sun protection — a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
    5. Extra change for tipping, which is commonly practised in Saudi Arabia, especially for restaurants and taxis.

    For hot season (Apr – Oct):

    1.    Modest, full length clothing that covers your arms and legs
    2.    Headscarf (preferably black) for women 
    3.    Comfortable covered shoes 
    4.    Sun protection — a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
    5.    A sweater or jacket for layering at night
    6.    Extra change for tipping

  • Our Hotels

  • Masmak Museum

    Masmak museum is an impressive historical fortress that dominates the skyline of Riyadh. The building played an important role in the development of the modern Saudi state, but other than its historical significance, it is a great place for little travellers to play king (or queen) of the castle from its towering turrets. In 1902, Ibn Saud led his forces to capture the fortress, resulting in the creation of Saudi Arabia, and the sense of history lingers around this terracotta clay building. The fortress is surrounded by large open areas, so the kids can enjoy the outdoors.

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  • Royal Saudi Air Force Museum

    The Royal Saudi Air Force Museum is the showcase of Saudi Arabia's aviation heritage, and the collection of both military and civilian aircraft, of all shapes and sizes, makes the museum a great day out for the whole family. Your little explorers can imagine their own adventures in air — and space — as they check out one of the Middle East's only Lockheed L-1011 Tristar aircraft and experience the thrills of flying a fighter jet in the IMAX cinema, without the need to wear 3-D glasses. They can also experience space flight in a rocket simulator and admire the earth from above.

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  • Wadi Hanifa

    No visit to Riyadh is complete without experiencing one of the Middle East's greatest natural phenomenon's, a lush valley that runs through this desert city. Wadi Hanifa includes several cool lakes that are perfect for a much-needed midday refreshment for your little ones. The wadi is unique to Riyadh and cannot be found anywhere else in the Kingdom. Kids have the opportunity to learn firsthand about rare animals and plants that they may have never seen before, enjoy running around in the fresh outdoors, and then have a picnic with the family by the water's edge.

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  • Ain Heet Cave

    Little travellers can easily access this underground lake inside a 30-metre deep by 150-metre long cave beneath Mount Al Jubayl which is completely unexpected in this desert state! A gradual slope leads into the sheltered cave- which can be cold during the winter months- and to the underground lake. You and your little explorers can join other families taking a dip in the refreshing lake waters, away from the crowds and traffic in the city, but still close enough to central Riyadh for convenience. This is also a great place to teach your little ones about geology and how rivers form cave systems underground.

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  • Cross the Kingdom Tower Bridge

    The Kingdom Centre tower is Saudi Arabia's third-tallest tower and the world's tallest tower with a hole in it. The 56-metre skybridge that spans the peak of the tower, at some 300 metres high, will thrill your little explorers with its spectacular views across Riyadh. At night, when the sun sets and the city lights flicker, the views from the bridge are simply unforgettable for the whole family. In the same building there is a large children's play area and fun places for the whole family to eat, including Baskin Robbins, Cookies N' Cream, and Aladdin restaurant.

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  • Watch camel racing

    Very few places outside of Saudi Arabia present the unusual spectacle of camel races, with robot jockeys on the backs of the animals thundering across sandy tracks, leaving clouds of dust. Held during the cooler winter months at King Fahd International Stadium, the sport especially welcomes little travellers, who will surely be entertained during the races by the robot jockeys urging on the camels. Your little ones can also get up close and stroke prized camels after the race.

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  • Embrace the sensory experience at Souq Al Jamal

    Souq Al Jamal is one of the world's largest outdoor markets, and offers a unique insight into Middle Eastern shopping. The souq consists of sections for antiques, fashion and spices. Stalls overflow with sweet and spicy scented herbs, bright and colourful dates, dried fruits, Arabic pottery and woven carpets. Men dressed in traditional white dishdasha dresses , which are ankle-length robes, call out to potential customers, inviting little travellers to sample the sweets or try on clothes.

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  • Visit Riyadh Zoo

    The ruling Al Saud family has invested millions into their private animal collection, which has recently reopened to the public as a zoo. Dating to 1957, the zoo showcases over 1,500 animals from across the Middle East, including rare breeds of oryx and gazelle which are unique to the Gulf. This is a great opportunity to learn about the region's wildlife and how it has adapted to the desert climate. For little ones, there is a colourful train that travels across the zoo with commentary that shares about facts on the animals and the environments which they live in, and several playgrounds with swings, climbing frames, and rocking animal rides.

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  • Visit the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque

    The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque is the largest religious building in Riyadh, and an impressive building in its own right. Your little travellers will gaze up in awe at the towering domed ceiling of the impressive main prayer hall, which can hold 18,000 male worshippers, and marvel at the literal buzz produced by the call to prayer. The mosque offers books and videos that explain the basics of Islam. These are useful primers for inquisitive little minds and help parents nurture worldly kids.

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  • Help farmers at the Ennessi Organic Farm

    Do your little explorers have green thumbs? Everyone is welcome to help with farming at Ennessi Organic Farm through picking, planting fruit and vegetables, touring the fields and even riding on tractors with trained staff members. Ennessi offers a unique experience in the Middle East, providing insights into the farm-to-table phenomenon. For a complete farm experience, you can even help to prepare a communal meal for all of the visitors and staff, or just sit back and enjoy the natural surroundings.

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  • Burj Al Hamam Restaurant

    Burj Al Haman is a casual Lebanese bistro restaurant that welcomes families. The relaxed bistro serves a selection of reasonably priced Lebanese salads, freshly baked flat breads, grilled kebab meats and tasty hummus. Kids will love the semolina and sweet cream puddings (sweetened wheat flour and cream) and uniquely Lebanese filled Osmalieh donuts (a layer of cream pudding sandwiched between baked sweet vermicelli noodle, walnut and pistachio slices). Located on a side street close to the centre of Riyadh, the restaurant is also known for its sweet shop, the perfect spot to pick up baklava or an after-dinner treat for your little t!

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  • The Najd Village

    This traditional Saudi restaurant recreates recipes that have been passed down through families for centuries. It is easy to mistake the restaurant for a museum. Intricately carved vases and antiques line shelves on the walls, and the airy central atrium includes towering palm trees. The Najd Village is popular with young Saudi families and is an exciting place for little diners too. Private rooms complete with toys and a grass-covered courtyard garden will help ensure little travellers will enjoy the experience. Children can try their hand at hoop rolling on the grass, riding on push-along cars, and playing with building blocks.

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  • Bialah

    This casual Saudi restaurant aims to make local foods more appealing to foreigners by adding a fusion twist. Featuring 10 live cooking stations, each specialising in one dish, the restaurant creates dishes such as Taco Beef Mugalgal, a chunky beef curry that is served on Mexican taco shells, and Pain Perdu Kleija, a French toast made from traditional sweet kleija biscuits. Little travellers will delight in watching the fragrant smoke rising from the live cooking stations and choosing their own flavour combinations from the different recipes.

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  • Pick & Bake Cafe

    At this family-friendly coffee and cookie shop, little explorers can get their hands dirty by choosing what flavours of cookie they want and even help the staff roll them. At most times of the day, but especially on weekends, children can be seen behind the counter with their apron rolling cookie doughs of all shapes and colours. The café also sells cooling slushies and smoothies for those hot days when you need a refreshing drink.

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  • Holiday Inn Riyadh-Olaya

    Holiday Inn Riyadh-Olaya boasts a central location, just a 30-minute drive from King Khaled Airport, and Riyadh's business and shopping districts. Spend a fun day out with the family in the sky-scraping Kingdom Centre, just 2 km from the hotel, or opt for a more authentic Arabian shopping experience at the nearby Souq al-Thumairi. Return after a day of exploring for dinner at the hotel’s Al Dana restaurant, with live cooking stations serving up a selection of international cuisines.

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  • Holiday Inn Riyadh-Izdihar

    Stay in the heart of the city at Holiday Inn Riyadh-Izdihar. Experience modern Saudi Arabian shopping at the nearby Gharnata Mall, or head for Riyadh's traditional souks in the city centre to haggle for handmade goods and souvenirs. Take the kids back in time at the towering clay fort of Al Musmak Castle, less than an hour from the hotel, or around the world at Jawhara Restaurant, where chefs serve up dishes from around the world on international themed nights.

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  • Holiday Inn Riyadh – Meydan

    Holiday Inn Riyadh – Meydan is located close to the Olaya CBD, within easy reach of the sky-scraping Kingdom Centre, where kids can catch a bird’s eye view of Riyadh from the Sky Bridge, or spend a day exploring the mall. After a long day out, return for dinner with the family at the hotel’s Oasis Restaurant, where kids 12 and under can dine from the Kids Menu for free with the Kids Stay & Eat Free* programme. <br /> <br /> <br /> *T&Cs apply.

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  • Holiday Inn Riyadh - Al Qasr

    Located in heart of the capital, the modern Holiday Inn Riyadh - Al Qasr puts you close to the city’s shopping and business hub, and a 20-minute drive from King Khalid International Airport. Enjoy authentic Middle Eastern cuisine at the elegant in-hotel restaurant Mozart, where kids 12 and under can dine from the Kids Menu for free with the Kids Stay & Eat Free* programme. <br /> <br /> <br /> *T&Cs apply.

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