• What to pack

    Throughout the year:

    1. Swimwear, beach slippers and beach accessories
    2. Sun protection – hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
    3. Light, airy clothing
    4. Comfortable sandals
    5. Umbrella – For rainy season
  • Our Hotels

  • Street Art in George Town

    Stroll through Georgetown’s streets and be mesmerized by these whimsical art pieces, which bring an authentic local twist to this picturesque town. This iconic art installation was part of the government’s initiative to bring out the city’s distinct identity and multiculturalism. Help your kids to get creative with their photography skills and make plenty of memories!

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  • Pinang Peranakan Mansion

    Be awed by the most stunning restored residences in George Town, in a museum dedicated to Penang's Peranakan heritage. Every door, wall, and archway is intricately carved and painted in gold leaf, and the grand rooms are furnished with majestic wood furniture featuring intricate mother-of-pearl inlay. Displays of charming antiques, and fascinating black-and-white photos of the family in regal Chinese dress grace the walls. Get acquainted with Penang’s unique local history in this amazing museum, a must-see for you and your curious little ones.

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  • Wonderfood Museum Penang

    Penang Wonderfood Museum, situated within a 1940s colonial building in George Town, offers a kitsch, kooky and in-depth look at the city’s unique food culture with larger-than-life displays of Malaysian dishes. All of the hyper-realistic models are handcrafted by the museum’s owner, Sean Lao, who utilises food replication techniques from Japan.

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  • Penang Bridge

    Feast your eyes on the iconic Penang Bridge, Asia’s longest and the 5th largest in the world, which took 5 years to complete. The dual-carriageway bridge connecting Gelugor on the island of Penang, and Seberang Prai on the mainland of Malaysia, has become a symbol of pride and a national landmark.

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  • Goddess of Mercy Temple

    Learn more about Penang’s multicultural history at The Goddess of Mercy Temple, also known colloquially as Kuan Yin Teng or Kong Hock Keong. Built by early immigrant settlers from China, the temple was once one of the most magnificent Chinese-style structures in northern Malaysia, and was used for social functions by the early Chinese community.

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  • Penang Hill

    Get treated to magnificent panoramic views of Georgetown, Butterworth and the Penang Strait at the top of Penang Hill. The Penang Hill Funicular Railway, which takes you to the peak, has the steepest tunnel track in the world, and is also Asia’s longest track. Along the way, capture memorable photos with the family to last a lifetime.

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  • Tropical Fruit Farm

    Discover Penang’s scenic countryside and learn about local agriculture with your young ones. This 25-acre hillside farm cultivates more than 370 species of edible fruit, including rare and exotic ones, to spark your child’s curiosity about nature. After a delicious fruit-tasting session, head to a vegetable and animal farm nearby that’s home to rabbits, deer, goats, geese, and more.

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  • ESCAPE Theme Park

    If thrilling rides and activities sound like a perfect day for your family, head to ESCAPE Theme Park at Teluk Bahang, surrounded by Penang’s tropical rainforest. Explore the wide selection of amusement rides and exciting games to keep your child entertained for an entire day of play at ESCAPE — highlights include a rope-and-obstacle course and super-fast water slides at Waterplay.

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  • Clan Jetties of Penang

    The clan jetties are water villages over a century old, and comprises rows of houses on stilts which are truly a sight to behold. Each of these floating villages housed a Chinese clan, whose members worked on the docks during Penang’s maritime trade boom. Now, you can find quaint souvenir shops and snack stands which give you a glimpse into old Penang.

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  • Gurney Drive

    One of the best places in Penang to explore by foot is the seafront Gurney Drive, also considered the best vantage point for sunsets on the island. Kids will love the exciting shopping malls and bustling food markets, offering entertainment and food options throughout the day.

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  • The China House

    One place that is a must-try is The China House. With its unexpected mix of Asian flavours and Western technique (reminiscent of Penang’s multiculturalism), the restaurant sits within a traditional compound of three heritage buildings, linked by an open-air courtyard and comprising shops, restaurants, galleries, and more. Check out their extensive menu with kid-friendly meals, homemade ice cream and best of all, brilliant cakes.

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  • Long Beach Hawker Centre in Batu Ferringhi

    Food is a big part of Penang’s identity, so don’t miss out on taste-testing its unique local delicacies. Long Beach Hawker Centre in Batu Ferringhi offers wide array of fuss-free local food stalls for your family to choose from. Get an authentic taste of Penang’s signature dish, Assam Laksa, along with fragrant fried Kway Teow, decadent Lor Bak, traditional Penang Rojak, and more. The ambience is unbeatable – Long Beach is situated next to a beach where kids can play when they are done dining.

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  • Merry Me Dessert

    Treat your little ones to ice cream at Merry Me Dessert, famous for their unique Asian ice cream flavours. Taste every local creation in their range of handmade ice creams, with quirky options such as Gula Melaka, Salted Egg Cookies & Cream, Kaya Toast, Kacang Tumbuk and many more!

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  • Restoran Nasi Kandar Line Clear

    Nasi kandar, a steamed rice dish that comes with a variety of curry-based meat dishes and vegetables, is a Penang staple. One of the most popular places to try this is Line Clear, which boasts a perpetual line. Like many places in Penang, the quaint roadside stall offers a good and cheap meal to satisfy the whole family.

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  • Bibik's Kitchen Nyonya Cuisine

    This intimate family restaurant in Georgetown offers authentic home-cooked food from the Peranakan culture. Peranakans are descendants of early Straits Chinese in the region, who developed their unique interpretations of local dishes. Try Penang laksa, a spicy noodle soup unique to Penang, and some Nonya kueh, traditional bite-sized confectionery.

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  • Holiday Inn Resort Penang

    Unwind beneath coconut trees on the white, sandy beaches at Holiday Inn Resort Penang, in the heart of Batu Ferringhi. Visit Jalan Batu Ferringhi, the famous bustling night bazaar located right at your doorstep. After a long day exploring the best of local Penang culture, spend a relaxing evening by the private balcony overlooking the Malacca Straits and Penang's stunning coastline. Bonus: the hotel also provides in-room PlayStation games for kids!

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